Bailey International Corporation

Bailey International Corporation, 2527 Westcott Blvd., Knoxville TN 37931-3112, USA
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Bailey International Corporation

Bailey was established in 1976 and has become one of the world's most extensive manufacturing and distribution networks of hydraulic cylinders. The Bailey network is comprised of Bailey Manufacturing Corporation, a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in the United States, Bailey Hydropower Private Limited, a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in India and Bailey Sales Corporation, a U.S. based sales and distribution center for hydraulic cylinders and related products from U.S. and international sources. The Chief and Maxim brands are exclusively owned by Bailey.

The Bailey Advantage
The synergies afforded by the Bailey business networks are considerable, as are the resulting benefits they offer their customers. The combination of high-quality, mass-production capabilities available in their U.S. manufacturing facility and International manufacturing sources provides quick turnaround of standard and custom cylinder and components. Leveraging buying power and distribution expertise available through Bailey Sales Corporation allows Bailey to internationally source and provide their customers with a broader range of products at very competitive prices.

Serving Diverse Industries
Bailey's clients have spanned the globe and include a diverse group of customer types that range from OEM manufacturing, wholesale distribution and dealer networks in industries such as agriculture, construction, forestry, food processing, truck equipment, mining, refuse management and more. Bailey has developed a highly experienced OEM Solutions Team specialized in the support and customization of hydraulic cylinders, power units and other related products. The Bailey Sales and Technical Support teams at their U.S. distribution center provide superior product expertise for all size companies in the hydraulic wholesale distribution and repair services.

Bailey Customer Service
Bailey's Customer Service group includes product specialist available for phone and internet orders, technical support and custom orders. The Bailey web site provides an advanced customer friendly search, shop and save approach to buying hydraulic cylinders and related products. Bailey OEM Solutions group serves U.S. and international customers with a highly experience team of experts providing application solutions with custom products and services. Bailey Engineering team supports the OEM Solutions group with fast quotes, pro-types and problem solving with Bailey's in-house systems and the latest 3D CAD software.

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