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OnSpeX offers leading-edge product performance testing and evaluation services for the consumer product retail market. Their expertise in product design consulting, product specifications, product testing and evaluation, inspection and data analytics is delivered globally from offices across North America, Europe and Asia.

OnSpeX assists during the development stage of a product to determine what relevant safety standards, regulations, and codes may be applicable. They help to evaluate compliance-critical factors within the design stage.

OnSpeX provides detailed written specifications for existing products based on materials, physical characteristics, features, packaging attributes and safety and regulatory requirements.

OnSpeX offers a wide variety of capabilities to test and evaluate products against performance standards, regulations and product evaluation protocols. We test and evaluate products for performance and capability in real life applications, including environmental conditions, life cycle durability, physical and other attributes.

OnSpeX can inspect products and factories worldwide. We inspect products at the manufacturing facility, post-shipping locations or at the client site. OnSpeX offers facility inspections and social accountability audits to help you choose a source that best suits your specific needs.

OnSpeX works with retailers and manufacturers to collect and analyze your evaluation results, factory audit and inspection results, return-to-vendor information, product incident data and product recalls. They manage this information to help you continuously improve the products you manufacture and sell.

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