Methode Electronics, Inc.

Methode Electronics, Inc.,7401 West Wilson Ave., Chicago, IL 60706, USA
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Methode Electronics, Inc.

Methode Electronics, Inc. is a global manufacturer of component and subsystem devices with manufacturing, design, and testing facilities in the United States, Mexico, Malta, United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, Singapore, and China. They design, manufacture and market devices employing electrical, electronic, wireless, sensing and optical technologies. Their business is managed through four business segments: Automotive, Interconnect, Power Distribution, and Other.

Their components are found in the primary end markets of the automotive, communications (including information processing and storage, networking equipment, wireless and terrestrial voice / data systems), aerospace, rail and other transportation industries; and the medical, consumer and industrial equipment markets.

As part of their multi-year plan to reinvigorate Methode and enhance shareholder value, they continue to transition to lean manufacturing processes and invest in, and implement techniques such as flexible automated manufacturing cells to lower their costs in order to maintain or improve margins. They also have become more selective with regard to programs in which they participate in order to reduce their exposure to low profit programs. In an effort to better compete with low-cost manufacturers and expand their business in the Asian marketplace, they have opened their new Shanghai, China plant.

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