Accutek Testing Laboratory

9799 D Princeton-Glendale Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45246
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Accutek Testing Laboratory

For over 20 years, major companies across industries, including aerospace, medical, power generation and manufacturing, have turned to Accutek for their product conformance, materials identification, and failure analysis needs. Our 300 active clients range in size from small to large and include multinational companies, research labs, universities and startup ventures.

Accutek's network of engineering professionals and full-service testing facility will provide the critical knowledge, personalized service and timely delivery of your testing requirements. We will work with you and your organization to develop a customized testing plan and answer any questions you have throughout the process.

Certification Level: Components and Parts; Facilities / Systems; Products; Samples

Capabilities: DataAcq; DVT; Evaluation; In-Process; Qualification; SamplePrep; Testing; TestFixture

Services Offered: Abrasion; Biocompatibility; Chemical; Gaging / Dimensional Metrology; Fatigue; Leak/Seal; Life; Mechanical; Performance; PhysProperties; Reliability; Safety Liability; Vibration; CombEnviron

Applications / Industry: Appliances; Automotive; Aerospace; Building; Coatings; Combustion; ElectricalDist; Energy; Hazardous; HealthCare; HVAC; Hydra/Pneumatic; Industrial; Instruments; Latex; Marine; Microelectronics; Materials; MotorControls; Nuclear; Packaging; Pharmaceutical; Rubber; Semiconductors; ValvesPumps; Wireless

Certify / Evaluate To: ASTM; FDA; IEEE; MIL-SPEC; NRC; OEM

Accreditations / Registrations: A2LA; ASME; ISO 17025

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