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Flow Cytometers


Leister Technologies, LLC

Leister Technologies, LLC, 1253 Hamilton Parkway, Itsaca, IL 60143, USA

Leister Technologies, LLC Thermoplastic and Laser Welding EquipmentLeister Process Technologies is a well-established 60-year old Switzerland based company, a worldwide leader in plastic welding and hot-air blowers consistently dedicated to customer satisfaction achieved by high p ...

Accuri Cytometers

Accuri Cytometers, 73 Parkland Plaza, nn Arbor, MI 48103

Accuri Cytometers Accuri Cytometers, Inc. was founded to address a compelling need: life scientists love the rapid cell-by-cell analysis capability of flow cytometers, but too few have a flow cytometer in their lab. The barriers for most researchers include cost of the ins ...

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