Purity Casting Alloys Ltd.

Purity Casting Alloys Ltd., #15 - 18503, 97th Ave, Surrey, B.C., V4N 3N9
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Purity Casting Alloys Ltd.

Purity Casting Alloys Ltd. has over 50 years of experience in Non-ferrous Alloy and Sacrificial Anode manufacturing. They supply commercial Aluminum and Zinc Anodes; Heater Treater Anodes, Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting Alloys, Tin and Lead Alloys Babbitts and Solders as well as Scuba Dive Weights to International and Canadian markets. We specialize in custom & small orders for industry or hobbyist.

Purity Casting Alloys Ltd. prides itself on its successful history of on-time deliveries and quality products. Whether you are sand casting, die casting, pressure casting, protecting pilings or repairing Babbitt bearings, their products can be customized to meet your production requirements.

Purity's Aluminum and Zinc Anodes are manufactured with a wide variety of core materials to meet your specific application requirements. All Aluminum Anodes correspond to MIL-A-24779 and Zinc Anodes meet MIL-A-18001K. At Purity we also manufacture many stock and custom Aluminum and Zinc Alloys. Stock Aluminum Alloys (356.2, 710.1, 705.1, 380.1, 383.1, Anode Alloy MIL-A-24779) and Zinc Alloys (ZA-3, ZA-5, ZA-8, ZA-12, ZA-27, Marine Zinc MIL-A-18001K) are produced using real time chemical inspection capabilities with our on site laboratory.

Scuba Dive Weights are a new product for Purity. A complete line of Scuba Dive Weights are manufactured including bullet weight, hip weight, weight belts, ankle weights, vinyl and soft pouches, and hose and valve protectors.

When it comes to Tin and Lead Alloys, Purity manufactures a wide range of Tin and Lead Alloys such as Pewters, Low Melting Alloys (also know as Fusible Alloys), Babbitts and Solder. Tinning compound, flux and thinners are also available.

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