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InCheck Technologies Inc.

In asset-intensive industries, the focus is shifting from the traditional reactive, run-to-failure model to the predictive and proactive, life-cycle costing approach. InCheck Technologies has been at the forefront of this trend with its revolutionary products that provide instant access to machine condition data and facilitate predictive maintenance.

There is a pressing need for information about physical assets condition to be collected, stored, analyzed, and delivered to managers responsible for plant maintenance. The industry is quickly adopting the concept of Cloud Computing, which takes advantage of widely available standard network infrastructure that includes the Internet. By sharing resources and providing instant up-to-date access to data this concept leads to great opportunities in the field of Enterprise Asset Management. It allows for a more accurate assessment of machinery health at a lower cost, resulting in highly effective maintenance programs.

InCheck Technologies has set out to realize the potential of Cloud Computing for the physical asset management industry. The company's vision is to bring together the latest in communication technology and traditional and innovative data analysis techniques to information systems that perform condition monitoring of physical assets.

In Cloud Computing the network infrastructure that includes the Internet (the Cloud) is considered a shared resource that provides information and services to users on demand. Software, computer storage, and server maintenance are provided as a Service. Significant benefits can be realized by applying his concept to Enterprise Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance. Here are the main benefits.

  • Always on, instant data access is essential for any monitoring application. With predictive maintenance it provides a reliable data flow for informed decision making
  • Reduced Cost. Software as a Service (SaaS) model is paid incrementally, saving organizations money
  • Increased Storage. Organizations can store more data than on private computer systems
  • Highly Automated. Software updates are automatic and do not require IT resources. No need to worry about constant server updates and other computing issues
  • Flexibility. Superior to past computing methods in terms of data access and resource sharing
  • More Mobility. Maintenance managers can access information wherever they are, rather than having to remain at their desks
  • Allows maintenance specialists to shift focus and concentrate on their key function

Core technologies behind InSite™ Condition Monitoring System have grown with the Internet in the latest years. InCheck Technologies has used the best available technology to empower this reliable, scalable, and secure application. InSite™ includes an enterprise strength RDBMS requiring minimum administration, robust application server, and browser-based rich user interface.

Condition monitoring for predictive maintenance requires fast data processing that produces easy to understand actionable output. With InSite™ this information is accessible from anywhere. In addition, InCheck offers services that range from technical support and remote data services to full engineering support. InCheck Technologies' engineers specialize in test, measurement, vibration analysis, Root Cause Failure Analysis, and rotating machinery technologies. And, thanks to the system's built-in network connectivity, most of the services can be delivered via the Internet, reducing the cost to the users.

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