Biomin, Inc.

Biomin, Inc., PO Box 20028, Ferndale, MI 48220, USA
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Biomin, Inc.

Biomin manufactures state-of-the-art water filtration media and flocculants for removal of oil, grease, and other organics (i.e. PCBs, PNAH, PCP, and color/tannin) from water.  Biomin's products include OilSorb™, ColorSorb™, Clayfloc™, EC-300, and EC-400.  They also design, install and maintain filtration systems and add value to their line of products by consulting with customers on a technical basis.

Biomin's core philosophy is to manufacture a cost-effective product that gets results. There are a number of companies that produce and/or sell filtration media, but no one company does it quite like Biomin.  From the beginning, George Alther (Biomin's founder) envisioned a company that would provide more than just a "product for a price" to customers.  Based on his vision, they have dedicated years to building a company that is viewed not only as a maker of an excellent product but also as a provider of valuable technical information.

We manufacture a product line that has proven itself in both laboratory and field testing.  One of Biomin's more well-known products, OilSorb™, has an impressive list of benefits and surpasses the operational and cost efficiency of other traditionally-used filtration media.  Because we have dedicated so much time and effort in developing OilSorb™, we know more about organically-modified clay filtration/adsorption media than our competition.  This translates into Biomin being a superior technical resource for customers.

Reducing environmental clean-up costs is our business and yours!

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