Veeco Instruments

Veeco Instruments, Terminal Drive, Plainview, NY, USA, 11803
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(805) 967-1400, (888) 248-3326
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Veeco Instruments

Veeco is a leading provider of Metrology and Process Equipment solutions used by manufacturers in the data storage, semiconductor, wireless, lighting and solar industries.

These industries help create a wide range of information age technology and products, such as portable music players, cell phones, PDAs, digital video recorders, backlighting for computers and TVs, architectural and automotive lighting, solar cells and much more. Their products are also critical enabling instruments used in the advancement of scientific research, life sciences and nanotechnology. Veeco's Metrology tools are used to measure at the nanoscale and their Process Equipment tools help create nanoscale devices. Veeco partners with their global customers to deliver the enabling technology, experience and support they need to succeed around the world and around the clock.

In keeping with its commitment to technological product leadership and growth in each of its product lines, Veeco continually introduces new products designed to provide long-term benefits for its customers, such as increased manufacturing yield, enhanced productivity, improved quality and reduced cost-of-ownership. They serve their customers from strategically located facilities in the U.S., Europe, Japan and Asia-Pacific.

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