Armin Group of Companies

No. 107, Armin Building, 144th western Str. Tehran pars , Tehran, Iran
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+98 21 7788 2101
+98 21 7788 2115
Armin Group of Companies

Armin Group of Companies are organized with a vision of providing engineering services and manufacturing for Authorities and Clients located in Iran and Middle-east.

Their focus is on Cathodic Protection, Marine Engineering and Industrial Automation for:

  • Oil and Gas Industries (offshore & onshore)
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Energy
  • Cement industry

Group have organized its members with the motto of providing best " Onshore and Offshore Solutions". We continuously strive to perform all of our projects with the best quality to satisfy clients' needs, using the qualified engineers and specialists. We realized that our the group success is largely dependent upon customer satisfactions witch is directly involved within each member products and managed projects.

Armin Industries Co. is a Company having a powerful blend of management experience, young and dynamics and technical expertise. We have high aims and objectives for our future growth within the support of ARMIN GROUP members and the Group's big network of Collaborated Partners and sister companies.

Armin Group members focus on following areas of operations:

  • Manufacturing and Production of Materials and equipments such as: Cathodic Protection Equipments and Materials including various types of Anodes and Transformer Rectifiers Units, Oil and Gas related Protection devices, Industrial and Plant automation systems, Lightning Protection and Earthing systems and etc.
  • Turnkey Projects of Cathodic Protection systems, Installation and _selftenance of Equipments in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and power distribution industries including Sub-sea, offshore and onshore facilities.
  • Crude Oil and Petro-chemical Storage tanks, Internal floating roofs, Tank accessories and protection devices.
  • Marine and Sub Sea Engineering Projects and Services.

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