Cormet Testing Systems

Cormet Testing Systems, P.O. Box 35, Luutnantintie 3, FIN-00411, Helsinki, FINLAND
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Cormet Testing Systems
Cormet has been active in material and corrosion testing market almost thirty years.In the beginning we manufactured instruments for testing purposes in nuclear power generation environment. Today about half of our customers are active in oil & gas industry and in steel industry.
Cormet provides several kinds of solutions for customers’ material and corrosion testing related instrumentation requirements. We can provide suitable instruments for various environments defined by temperature, pressure and chemical environment. Alternatively, we can provide research and testing services when results are needed fast or if there are not enough resources for running instruments available.
Cormet manufactures material and corrosion testing instruments for laboratory and field environment. We are specialised in high temperature high pressure applications.Cormet’s delivers instruments to university and industrial laboratories including power generation, chemical, transportation and oil & gas industries. Nearly all the products are tailored according to customers’ needs.

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