SSI Technologies, Inc. - Sintered Specialties Division

3330 Palmer Drive, Janesville, WI 53546
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800-394-2004, 608-755-1900
SSI Technologies, Inc. - Sintered Specialties Division

SSI-Sintered Specialties, a division of SSI Technologies, Inc., is located in Janesville, Wisconsin, a community of 60,000 approximately 120 miles northwest of Chicago, Illinois, and 40 miles south of Madison, Wisconsin.

They are a leader and innovator in the Powder Metal (PM) industry supplying markets throughout the world including automotive, industrial, food processing, ordnance, and other industries. We are committed to being the supplier of choice in the PM industry for demanding soft magnetic alloys, stainless steels, tool steels, and custom designed materials offering varying properties for specific applications. Dedicated to continuous improvement, they have been ISO 9001 and QS 9000 registered since 1998.

At SSI-Sintered Specialties, their greatest success stories result from our technical experts working in close cooperation with our customers to develop effective design, processing, material, and cost reduction solutions. Their goal is to work with your engineering team as early as possible to design the most cost-effective part possible before launching production.

To this end, they embrace the opportunity to work with you during initial material development discussions, prototype supply, and testing as well as any technical support you may need with your customer. Take advantage of our broad experience, unique variety of processes, and complete laboratory and manufacturing facilities to achieve the highest quality PM components.

Whether you are developing a new design or re-designing an existing part, contact SSI-Sintered Specialties with your specific needs.

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