Protavic America, Inc.

8 Ricker Avenue, Londonderry, NH 03053
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(978) 372-2016
(800) 807-2294
Protavic America, Inc.

Protavic America, Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of high-performance adhesives, encapsulation resins, sealants, coatings and impregnation materials.

Their product line consists of innovative epoxies, urethanes, UL-recognized silicones and hybrid formulations. They offer one- and two-component systems that cure when exposed to room temperature, heat assist and/or UV light.

Protavic America is part of the Protavic™ group of companies worldwide that offer a commitment to the research, innovative development, and consistent manufacturing of materials. Protavic ™ currently maintains research & design and manufacturing facilities in the United States, France, Korea and China.

Protavic™ adhesives, potting and encapsulation products, and coatings are commonly used in the electronic and electrical industries. Their customers are well-known electronics manufacturers that have come to rely on their facilities network around the world. Protavic™ can support your company as well.

Protavic ™ products are sold worldwide through our internal sales and support network.

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