Filtroil, Inc.

Filtroil, Inc., 2256 Dabney Rd., Suite G, Richmond, VA 23230, USA
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(804) 359-9125, (800) 638-3866
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Filtroil, Inc.
Filtroil, founded in 1982, manufactures and markets industrial bypass filtration systems and a variety of products used to enhance oil quality.
Filtroil, Inc.Filtroil is proud of their worldwide network which provides one-on-one sales and technical support to their customers. They are committed to building lasting relationships with their suppliers, distributors and customers.
Filtroil firmly believes in the environmental value of its products and services and the need to create a cleaner and healthier environment.
Filtroil's products are backed by a 100% guarantee with an unconditional 90-day, buy back warranty. Here are several reasons why Filtroil would be a profitable addition for companies requiring hydraulic filtration.Maintain oil quality 2 to 5 grades cleaner than new oil, Reduce machine hydraulic repairs 25% to 35%, Reduce waste oil disposal volume 40% to 75%, Reduce lubrication and hydraulic oil purchase 30% to 65%, Ultra fine filtration (0.1 micron) with water removal capability, Provide significant economic payback, Environmental benefits.
Filtroil also has a complete product offering of pressure/in-line filters. These filters are competitively priced and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the quality and reliability of any original manufacturer. The combination of pressure and by-pass filtration both protect and prevent contamination, which is the primary cause of oil deterioration and wear to expensive hydraulic components. Good filtration practices result in less downtime and significant cost savings.

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