Armstrong International, Inc.

816 Maple Street, Three Rivers, MI 49093, USA
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Armstrong International, Inc.

In 1900 the vision of simple and practical products that solved common problems seemed too good to be true. Likewise was the dedication to continuous product improvement and innovations.

The passion to share knowledge so everyone could achieve the universal goals of saving time, money and energy was most important. In earlier times it was unheard of — even radical. So too was the wisdom to link production efficiency with a growing environmental consciousness. It was a recipe for success in business.

That was then, and this is now. But there’s a lot of history in how we do business today. Armstrong International has intertwined energy and dreams from the beginning.

It’s not surprising that our family-owned company has exhibited an obsession with honesty and integrity to our business partners for more than a century. It is also not surprising that this simple focus has transformed us into a successful global company. Today, Armstrong International enhances every intelligent system solution for steam, air and hot water with old-fashioned values and integrity.

Of course, we’re still dreaming. Today we dream of making Armstrong International a safe haven in a business world that has grown complex. We want to make doing business with Armstrong International refreshingly simple and pleasant. In fact, today’s dream has become the vision of our business as a series of enjoyable experiences.

Armstrong International has succeeded because — from the beginning — we have acted like the company we wanted to become. More than a century later, we’re doing exactly the same thing. We’re living our dream.

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