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Shell Lubricants

Shell Lubricants, 700 Milam, Houston, TX 77002, USA

Shell Lubricants Shell Lubricants provides lubrication products and services nationwide.Automotive/Trucking Products - 2-Cycle/Outboard Oils, Anti-Freeze/Coolants, Commercial Engine Oils, Commercial Transmission Fluids, Gear Oils, Greases, Passenger Car and Light Truck Mo ...


CIMCOOL, Division of Milacron Marketing Company, 3000 Disney Street, Cincinnati, OH 45209, USA

CIMCOOL Excellent products, backed by unparalleled customer service and guaranteed product performance, have earned CIMCOOL its reputation as a longtime technologies leader in the metalworking fluids industry. CIMCOOL Global Industrial Fluids is a division of Mil ...

Paratherm Corporation

Paratherm Corporation, 4 Portland Road, West Conshohocken, PA 19428, USA

Paratherm Corporation Paratherm Corporation began manufacturing non-toxic, high efficiency heat transfer fluids in 1988. These specialty thermal oils are engineered for rugged service in closed-loop systems with bulk fluid temperatures up to 600°F, film temperatures to 650°F. ...

Aervoe Industries Incorporated

1100 Mark Circle, Gardnerville, NV 89410

Aervoe Industries Incorporated Over 35 years providing Tools for the Trade Aervoe Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of paints, specialty coatings, cleaners, lubricants, MRO products, and recycling equipment for industrial use.A 35 Year track record packaging all types of formu ...

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