Non-Destructive Testing Group, Inc.

Non-Destructive Testing Group, Inc., 181 Broadmoor SE, aledonia, MI 49316, USA
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Non-Destructive Testing Group, Inc.

Non-Destructive Testing Group is a full service inspection company providing both field and laboratory inspection services. Their services include a full range of NDT methods, Quality Control and Quality Assurance functions, and physical testing.

NDT-Group's capabilities include Ultrasonic (contact, immersion), Radiography (X-ray, Gamma Ray, Film & Real-Time, Computed Radiography), Liquid Penetrant (Wet/Dry, Fluorescent, Visible), Ground Penetrating Radar, Eddy Current (flaw detection, material sorting), Positive Material Identification (XRF), Charpy, Tensile, Fatigue, Compression, Impact, Hardness, (Brinell, Rockwell) Flexural & Peel, and Tear & Drop Weight (MT-multidirectional products, portable, stationary).

NDT-Group services industries including Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Automotive, Utility (Power Generation), Civil (Infrastructure), Department of Transportations (DOT), Medical and Prosthetics, Electronics, Casting and Forging, Light/Heavy Manufacturing, Bridge/Building, and Aircraft.

Mission Statement:
"To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our Customers."
Philosophy: To utilize their diversified services, specialized skills, and leading edge technology to contribute to the favorable performance and welfare of their Customers throughout the World.

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