Kooltronic, Inc.

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Kooltronic, Inc.

KOOLTRONIC, INC. was founded over 50 years ago to address the unique cooling needs of the emerging electronics, computer and telecommunication industries. Our Company engineered the development of the first air conditioners and heat exchangers for sealed enclosures, introduced in the early 1960s. Since then, KOOLTRONIC has evolved into the industry leader, specializing in the innovative design and production of forced ventilation and closed-loop cooling for various types of enclosures. KOOLTRONIC continues to lead today by applying cutting edge technology to the protection of sensitive electronic components.

As a Company Mission we have undertaken a continuing effort to produce new and innovative products. At the same time we continue to improve upon existing product lines in order to anticipate and satisfy the changing needs of the many industries we serve. This brochure includes examples of products developed during the past few years. Research and Development is an ongoing process, with new products announced periodically.

In order to assure stringent adherence to the highest quality standards, we employ the latest computer-controlled manufacturing practices and state-of-the-art Quality Control procedures. All technical and production employees are trained members of our Quality Assurance Team.

Every unit is run and carefully tested to verify performance to specifications. We have achieved sole source and Certified Vendor status with a number of leading U.S. corporations. We are proud of our quality and on-time delivery records, which are unsurpassed.

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