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Inductotherm Group

From the brilliant yellow of gold and the warm glow of copper to the cold gray of iron and steel, no matter what metal you melt, heat treat, hot forge, hot roll or otherwise process, there’s an Inductotherm Group company with the equipment, technology or services that may benefit you.

The Inductotherm Group brings together some forty companies strategically located around the world. All cooperate and share a commitment to serving the metals and materials industry and all are leaders in their respective disciplines.

As a multi-technology global organization, the Inductotherm Group offers many advantages:

  • The unique ability to offer the best solution from a broad range of available technologies.
  • The support of a global network of manufacturing and service facilities.
  • Access to a full range of engineering, installation and repair services.

Inductotherm Group companies provide the equipment and services that allow industries to process metals -- from melting through casting, heating, rolling, drawing, forging, shaping and welding -- into their final products.

For most metals, melting is the first step in producing a useful product.  Inductotherm is a leading manufacturer of melt shop and automatic pouring systems for a full range of ferrous, nonferrous, precious and reactive metals.

The application of heat is often key to many manufacturing processes, such a welding, cutting, bending, shaping, fitting, coating and sealing – in fact, many metals require heating and/or heat treating to achieve their optimum physical properties.  Inductoheat, Thermatool and Radyne build equipment to perform a variety of these thermal processing functions.

Steel mills require a wide range of thermal processing from heating and reheating slab, bar and rod source materials to melting, holding and heating zinc and aluminum coatings. Inductotherm and Bricmont manufacture thermal equipment for steel mill applications.

The creating and casting of superalloys and many other advanced and reactive metals require sophisticated vacuum or controlled atmosphere melting and remelting systems. Consarc is the world leader in the manufacture of these technologically advanced systems and related materials.

Along with companies that manufacture equipment for induction melting, heating and vacuum melting, Inductotherm Group companies also offer manufacture and repair services, advanced technology for induction cap sealing, vacuum brazing systems, etc.

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