Redin Production Machine

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Redin Production Machine

Redin Production Machine was established in 1951 and built the very first Gear Deburring Machine in the country. Redin Production Machine specializes in Gear Deburring Machines, Automated Gear Deburring Machines and Special Deburring Machines. They also offer a complete line of Spare Parts and Grinding Wheels. Contact Redin's Service Department for more information about Trade-In Policies, Retrofits, Training and Installation.

Redin also offers a variety of services to their customers. Have Redin rebuild and refurbish your existing Redin machines at a significant savings over buying new. Redin stands behind, warranties, and offers repair services on all their machines. To ensure the optimal efficiency and output quality from your Redin Machines, they also offer on-site training to your personnel.

In 1957 Redin built the first gear deburring machine in the U.S.A. Since then many new features, designs and technologies have been introduced. Redin specializes in gear deburring machines, automated gear deburring machines and special deburring machines for products other than gears, including Mill and Center Machines. Their machines are able to handle a wide variety of gear shapes (helical, spur, pinion, ring, etc.) and sizes (up to 110" DIA).

Redin Production Machine is also willing to work with their customers to analyze which products fit their requirements the best. Send Redin test parts so that they can determine the best possible model of deburring machines necessary to complete your process according to your specifications.

Be Sure to Contact Redin Production Machine regarding:

  • Their complete spare parts department, as well as a full line of grinding wheels and brushes, with quick-change tooling, which compliments their machines.
  • All of your inquiries and requests for quotation with regards to manufacturing, machining, assembly, design and build of special machines, tool design, spare parts or Their engineering and consulting services for research, development and design.
  • their service department, which is readily available for installation, training, retrofits and ask about their trade-in policies.

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