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Phenom-World BV

Until today, your choice of affordable, easy-to-use high-resolution imaging tools was limited. With the Phenom™ desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) you are able to view on the submicron and nano scale.

Phenom-World created the Phenom a unique imaging tool that brings a new dimension to microscopy. Never before could you get this level of image quality, resolution and sample throughput. The Phenom will do for microscopy what personal computers did for office efficiency. It is the ideal tool for aiding researchers in their search for next-generation products or helping teachers present scientific concepts more easily.
Phenom’s superb image quality will help create new ways to ramp up production and speed up the time to root cause analysis. Phenom is the base for the most professional imaging solution.

The Phenom is a high-resolution personal desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) with an optical camera for never-lost navigation. Its innovative touch-screen user interface and control knob let you quickly produce high-quality electron microscope images with minimal training. Phenom can handle a wide range of samples with minimal preparation and are loaded instantly with their patented low vacuum load-lock technology. Images are saved on a USB memory stick or network storage location for off-line analysis, measurements and distribution.

Now, direct observation and measurement of micro and nano fibers is faster, better and easier than ever before. With the Fibermetric™ system powered by Phenom™ you can load and image samples in about 30 seconds. Magnifications up to 24,000 times produce accurate information on a large range of fibers as small as 100 nm in diameter. Automated measurement generates all the statistical data you need in minutes, and unlike other SEM-based solutions, no laboratory infrastructure or trained microscopists are required.

The Fibermetric system is a Phenom based solution dedicated for fiber samples. This high resolution desktop imaging tool is easy to operate; everyone on your team can now see beyond the power of light to generate more accurate measurement data faster than ever before. With its affordable price, ease-of-use, speed and accuracy, the Fibermetric system gives you a rapid return on investment and a sustainable competitive advantage.

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