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Acresso Software, Inc., 1000 E. Woodfield Road, Suite 400, Schaumburg, IL 60173, USA
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Acresso Software, Inc.

For over 25 years, Acresso's solutions have helped software producers and device manufacturers maximize revenue, reduce product costs, and eliminate manual processes.

Today, more than ever, software producers and high-tech device manufacturers need ways to increase product revenue while reducing product costs and manufacturing complexities.  Acresso provides flexible licensing, entitlement and software delivery solutions for software producers and device manufacturers to help them grow market share while simplifying manufacturing and improving operations.

FLEXnet Suite Is Tailored to Meet the Needs of the High-Tech Device Manufacturer Industry.

Acresso’s FLEXnet Suite for device manufacturers enables flexible configuration of capability and capacity across a broad range of high-tech devices, including those requiring a small footprint client. It helps device manufacturers to unlock revenue with new licensing, pricing and packaging of software embedded on devices while lowering manufacturing costs, and streamlining supply chains.

  • Unlock revenue by quickly bringing to market differentiated product lines using embedded licensing technology
  • Offer many product configurations on a single device—reduce the number of SKUs that must be manufactured, carried and supported
  • Offer silent trials of new device features that can be automatically activated in the field

Improve customer satisfaction by making it easy for device users to upgrade their devices through a self-service portal.

Capabilities Optimized for Device Manufacturers

  • Small footprint, embedded client: offers a licensing toolkit that provides node-locked licensing and has a very small footprint (under 50K). This allows device manufacturers to keep costs low by using licensing to configure capabilities and capacity on a device while producing a minimum number of device types (SKUs).
  • High configurability allows key elements such as security and binding to be configured or replaced as needed. This provides additional flexibility for device manufacturers to fine-tune their solution to meet exact requirements or take advantage of existing device capabilities, while keeping the footprint small.
  • Hands free activation and silent trials: offers hands-free activation and silent trials without requiring registration. This transparent in-product activation improves your customer experience and increases upgrade and up-sell opportunities by enabling silent trials for new device capabilities.
  • Licensing and entitlement management from end to end: provides a single view for you, your customers and your channel partners to view and management software embedded on devices and enables you to electronically turn on and off functionality.

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