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Acid Bricks & Linings

Corrosion Engineering supplies both red shale & white fireclay acid brick for tank & vessel linings, digesters, pressure vessels, pits & drains etc.

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Nori Acid Bricks

We work closely with the Accrington Brick & Tile Company who have been manufacturing chemical and abrasion resistant red shale bricks since 1887. The NORI trademark is known throughout the world for its quality, strength & durability.

The properties of chemical, abrasion & impact resistance exhibited by NORI bricks provide effective & economic linings for process vessels, tanks, towers, columns, pits and hoppers.

Nori bricks & pavers have been used extensively for flooring & paving in CPI applications throughout the world. The strength & durability of the material has been proven in extreme situations of heavy trucking, steam cleaning & chemical attack. It is the choice of most major chemical companies for acid proof process vessel linings.

Nori Acid Bricks for Chimney Linings
Chimney linings are another area where NORI acid brick has had worldwide applications. Flues constructed of NORI brick set in acid proof mortar protect the windshield from chemical and abrasion resistant barrier against gasses & condensates. Standard brick, interlocking T&G brick and special shapes for corbels etc are all available. Design assistance is also offered.

Nori Acid Bricks for Vessel Linings
NORI bricks are frequently used where tailor made vessel linings incorporating special shaped bricks are required. Examples are sulphuric acid plants, steel pickling lines, alum digesters, pressure vessel linings & drains & acid neutralising pits etc.

Acid Proof Linings
Our acidproof linings also utilise the corrosion resistant materials made by Henkel Corrosion Engineering, USA with familiar brand names such as Corlok® potassium silicate mortar, Furalac® Green Panel furane mortar, Tufchem® polymer concretes, Thinset® adhesive, Pennchem® Vinyl Ester mortar, Penncoat®, Penntrowel®, Pennguard® Borosilicate block etc. Other resin based products come from the Wellcoat Corrosion Technology Company in Taiwan.