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Modern Rubber Screens

Rubber screens have for years proven to be very effective in combating wear. Generally the rubber screens of Corrosion Engineering, Inc. out wear wire cloth 15 times longer. In addition to the superior wear-life, rubber screens substantially reduce noise levels. Compared to perforated steel plate, noise level reductions of up to 500% are common.

Cleaning Up Commercial Shipping to reduce Air Pollution
In an attempt to reduce air pollution from commercial shipping, the state of California now requires ships to switch to cleaner burning fuels as they near the coastline. When container ships reach California's busy ports, they spew pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and particulate matter into the air over nearby cities. These compounds contribute to respiratory illness in humans.
Untangling Polymer Flow

A new model that predicts how complex, branched polymers flow will enable companies to develop new plastics more efficiently and to process materials more easily than ever before. The new computational technique, developed by a team of researchers in Europe, closely accounts for the flow of real, tangled polymers, such as low-density polyethylene (LDPE).

Bacterial Sugars Can Battle Against Corrosion

Bacteria that grow on metal exposed to moisture often secrete proteins and carbohydrates. They accelerate corrosion. But a few bacteria emit compounds that retard corrosion.

India Loses Large Amount due to Corrosion

Corrosion has a huge economic and environmental impact in various sectors including highways, bridges, buildings, oil and gas, chemical processing, waste water systems and particularly industrial structures.

Zircotec Develops Ceramic Coating for Diesel Engines

Zircotec is the provider of plasma sprayed metallic and ceramic coatings, which has developed a new Performance Diesel ceramic coating for use in diesel engines. The low-cost coating helps bus and truck manufacturers to meet the challenges associated with Euro VI emissions laws and testing processes, which will be released at the end of 2013. Zircotec’s fit and forget coating reduces surface temperature by 125°C.

Flood Can Damage The Electrical Equipment

Flood waters can cause corrosion and sediment and other contaminants can be lodged in the equipment. After suffering damages caused by flooding, it may be instinctive to immediately begin the cleanup process.

UV-cured Corrosion Protection Products Enter in Local Market

Chemical and aerosol manufacturer Specialised Maintenance Products (SMP) reports that it is the first Southern African distributor of the SolarTech ultraviolet cured product range, which provides seamless protection against corrosion, abrasion and other aggressive environmental conditions. Through innovative technology, the vinylester/polyester product is manufactured as a single component sheet moulded compound. The products are chemical and abrasion resistant, and have a class 1 fire rating. SolarTech products have passed a range of tests, including hydrostatic, adhesion and pressure tests, and have been rated with a safety pressure factor of 1 500 lb/in2.

Midwest Industrial Supply Introduces New Lignin-Based Dust Fighter (LN100)

Based on lignins rather than chlorides, Dust Fyghter LN100, a non-corrosive lignosulfonate derived from abundant renewable resources, coats individual road particles with a thin adhesive-like film that binds road surface particles together. Water evaporates from the product as it dries, trapping dust particles in the high-viscosity, naturally sticky material that remains.

Major Concerns With Microbial Induced Corrosion (associated the activities of bacteria)

This corrosion is influenced by the activities of bacteria. Corrosion is more common where sulfates are present (generating hydrogen sulfide) and organics are present (generating acids). Under oxidative conditions sulfide and sulfur can be oxidized to sulfuric acid which can also be corrosive.

How MACS Ultrafilm Prevents Corrosion in a Cooling System

MACS Ultrafilm works by preventing air, water and salt from contacting the metal surface. MACS Ultrafilm clings to all surfaces when injected into the cooling system by forming an ultra thin barrier which displaces and repels water.

Elements of Marine corrosion

There are four essential elements necessary to accommodate marine corrosion:

  • Anode
  • Cathode
  • Electrolyte
  • External circuit
Bioremediation can clean the Oil Spill

Oil industry uses oil-eating bacteria. The most common applications are in bioremediation (using microbes to clean up pollutants) of oil spills or reduction of the environmental impact of waste products from oil production.

Corrosion in Oil field environments

The economics of controlling corrosion in many oil fields are dependent on efficient separation of crude oil from other species. While the rates may vary, the species causing the most problems are nearly universal. Carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide gases, in combination with water, define most of the corrosion problems in oil and gas production. Other problems include microbiological activity and the solids accumulation.

Technology of Oil & Gas Production

Oil is found in reservoirs deep underground or beneath the ocean floor, and is extracted vertically through relatively small-diameter, high-pressure tubing. The process extracts oil, water, and mixed gases (simple hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulphide, possibly also small quantities of nitrogen and inert gases) from the rock formations.

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