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Thin, conformal and pinhole-free coating technology - ALD coatings

ALD coatings are thin, conformal and pinhole-free and they closely follow the contours of the coated objects allowing the use of porous materials such as cardboard or fiber-structured bio-polymers. The thickness of ALD coatings can be adjusted to the accuracy of one atomic layer.

Surface Treatment of Stork Materials Technology
Using fully automated coating and finishing processes to ensure consistency and repeatability, Stork Materials Technology engineered coatings can be applied to any metal or alloy substrate, as well as other types of substrates (e.g. carbon fiber). The range of engineered coating materials offered by Stork Materials Technology falls into three main categories: ceramic. metal and polymer.
High-Profit Solar Technology Devours Water

According to The New York Times article, many solar developments are solar thermal plants, not solar cells like those you would find installed on roof-tops. Solar thermal plants use mirrors to heat water, which creates steam, which in turn drives turbines to generate electricity.

Developed IR light sensor of TT electronics Optek Technology

TT electronics Optek Technology has developed a small surface mount-packaged photo light sensor with a digital output designed for applications with limited space.

The latest product crankshaft grinder Model MQ8260A/2000

The crankshaft grinder Model MQ8260A/2000 is the latest product modified on the base of the Model MQ8206 and intended for use in the automobile, tractor, diesel engine works and their repair shops to grind the journals and crankpins of crankshafts, but also for use in large engineering machinery and diesel engines for ships to grind crankshaft.

Electron microscopy can be used to resolve and identify individual light atoms

Recently, a team of scientists [Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), US] uses in the research work the latest in aberration-corrected electron microscopy, and they have obtained the first images that distinguish individual light atoms such as boron, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen.

Cheaper catalysts (Platinum-free materials) can clean diesel-car fumes

Cheaper catalyst materials could help car makers meet tougher emissions standards for their vehicles. Platinum (Pt) is a precious metal. The expensive platinum catalyst that cleans diesel-car exhaust fumes can be replaced with cheaper materials.

Photometric Biochemistry Analyzer

CuBiAn is a fully automated and membrane-free chemical analyzer. It measures key parameters in cell culture media, including IgG.

Cell Culture System

The new automated cell culture system MACCS™ is a latest top product which is  designed for a variety of applications including the uniform supply of cells and proteins for drug discovery research efforts.

Bioprocessing Oxygen Sensor

InPro 6880i is a new optical oxygen sensor. It can be used in small, autoclavable research bioreactors as well as in full production-scale vessels.

The engineering challenge of synthetic biology lies in the design of genetic networks

The engineering challenge of synthetic biology lies in the design of genetic networks that will rewire cells to produce the expected molecules in a timely way.

Bitumen - the heaviest and thickest form of petroleum

The two sources of bitumen in Alberta and Venezuela
Unlike conventional crude oil, bitumen does not flow freely. It is heavier than water and more viscous than molasses. The two largest known sources of bitumen in Alberta and Venezuela, where each contains more petroleum than the entire proven conventional oil reserves of the Persian Gulf.

Microbiological organisms in cooling tower systems & affects of MIC in different materials

Microbiological organisms (or, microorganisms) in cooling tower systems are categorized into three groups:

  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Algae
Prevent crevice corrosion at pipe supports

Corrosion at pipe supports is one of the leading causes of process piping failures. Beam supports and pipe saddles create crevices, where water is trapped and held in constant contact with the pipe surface.

I-Rod Pipe Supports: be aware of these knock-offs

I-Rod Pipe Supports are specified by major operators because of their reliability and proven corrosion prevention capabilities. In above 18 years, there has not been one reported failure of I-Rod (in the Neptune SPAR).

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