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Major Concerns With Microbial Induced Corrosion (associated the activities of bacteria)

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion Problems:

  • This corrosion is influenced by the activities of bacteria.
  • Corrosion is more common where sulfates are present (generating hydrogen sulfide) and organics are present (generating acids). Under oxidative conditions sulfide and sulfur can be oxidized to sulfuric acid which can also be corrosive.

Corrosion Causes:

  • Capitol costs to replace failed equipment
  • Operational challenges
  • Scale build up in pipes
  • Accelerated operating costs

Available Testing & Analysis:
(Analysis was done in the Microbiological Laboratory, Environmental Safety Technologies, Inc.)

Sample TypeDescriptionTurnaround
MAPB - Acid Producing BacteriaMonitor production of acids that attack metal surfaces8 days
MDNB - Denitrifying BacteriaMonitor ammonia producers attacking copper alloys4 days
MIRB - Iron Related BacteriaMonitor Plugging of water passages by iron deposits & deterioration of metal surfaces/under-deposit corrosion8 days
MSLM - Slime Forming BacteriaMonitor Slime & Sludge8 days
MSRB - Sulfate Reducing Bacteria Monitor corrosion of metal surfaces8 days
MNIB - Nitrifying BacteriaMonitor corrosion on copper & steel5 days
MFPB - Fluorescent Pseudomonads Monitor biofilm which may supply nutrients for the growth of Legionella8 days
MMAB - AlgaeMonitor pitting of metal surfaces by algae; algae may also absorb and inhibit biocides24 days
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