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The Humidity and corrosion in steel

Corrosion, or the oxidation of metal, can occurs by the presence of moisture in the air. A high Relative Humidity causes a thin layer of water vapour molecules to settle on the surface of the metal, thus supplying an electrolyte to the corrosion process.

In most places around the world the average Relative Humidity is over 75%. By using Munters equipment, the Relative Humidity can be lowered to 45-50% without any problem, stopping corrosion on steel. This will dramatically reduce damage and maintenance costs.

Image of Corrosion and humidity

Dehumidification techniques to prevent corrosion are used in many ways, such as protection of defence equipment, bridge construction, electronic and semi-conductor manufacturing, for the storage of (spare) parts in the automotive industry and in water works. Also corrosion protection is of great importance in the Water and Fire Damage Restoration business.

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