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Trenton Tape Products

Federally Incorporated in 1957, Interprovincial Corrosion Control Company Limited, (ICCC) provides professional engineering services and the supply and manufacture of Corrosion Control/Cathodic Protection Materials to major "end-users" throughout North America.

The Trenton Wax-Tape products have been successfully used for corrosion prevention on gas and oil lines, water lines, valves, joints and fittings, refinery piping, industrial facilities and other similar applications.

Image of Trenton Tape ProductsThe Wax-Tapes consist of a blend of microcrystalline wax-saturated synthetic fabric which conforms to irregular surfaces. The Wax-Tapes have outstanding waterproofing and wetting characteristics and are also an excellent dielectric barrier. Trenton Wax-Tapes are non-toxic, environmentally safe and compatible with other coatings.

The Trenton Tec-Tape is an easy to use anti-corrosive tape system which will protect both above and below ground pipe, joints and fittings. The Tec-Tape system is a thick, paste-like petroleum wax primer designed to adhere to the pipe, filling all the pores and preventing moisture from reaching the metal. Tec-Tape is hand applied and easily conforms to pipe, joints, irregularly shaped fittings and structural steel, forming a watertight barrier against corrosion.

When installing the 4" (100mm) and wider Tec-Tape product, only a 1" (25mm) overlap is required. Compared to a 55% overlap required by other manufacturers products, "end-users" can realize a significant savings in product volume and installation labour costs.