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Zircotec Develops Ceramic Coating for Diesel Engines

Zircotec is the provider of plasma sprayed metallic and ceramic coatings, which has developed a new Performance Diesel ceramic coating for use in diesel engines. The low-cost coating helps bus and truck manufacturers to meet the challenges associated with Euro VI emissions laws and testing processes, which will be released at the end of 2013. Zircotec’s fit and forget coating reduces surface temperature by 125°C.

The ceramic coating is also suitable for plastic heatshields, exhausts, and turbochargers. It efficiently controls heat and offers protection to other engine components.

In addition, it supports the functioning of emission control systems at their optimum level. Vehicles require emissions equipment for meeting the regulations, and this increases the cost of the engine. Performance Diesel coating allows OEMs to cut costs during the entire vehicle’s life. It also helps to solve present heat problems without redesigning the engine bay.

The coating is applied via plasma spray, and can be applied on most metals, plastics and composites. Zircotec’s custom-developed, patent pending process assures that plastics remain unaffected by plasma spraying. Zircotec, along with OEMs, is conducting trials on the new ceramic coating and test results are expected in late 2011.

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